SU7 bug: Weather radar doesn't scan any more

The weather radar doesn’t scan anymore continuously. To reproduce the issue,
fly the TBM930 on the ground without any Mod installed. Display the weather
radar (not the nexrad) and change the weather settings to rain. The display
doesn’t change. If you switch to vertical mode, the radar updates but only a
single time. If you move the aircraft, the display doesn’t change as it

Noticed that too in the CJ4. Will log it with the Team. Thanks!

Thanks for your feedback. I’m sure this will be fixed now.

This issue has not been fixed in

Any news about that?

Hello @pms50 We have fixed it recently so it should be part of upcoming
updates (probably SU8) Regards, Sylvain

Thank you very much Sylvain for that. And thank you to Asobo for the great
work. Merry Christmas to all team. Pierre PMS50