SU7: FSPackageTool now stops converting of consequent assets if one asset throws a warning

Hi! Background: I have a project with multiple simobjects that share a common
set of textures. As there is no asset group type “texture” for simply
converting the textures in a parent folder, I have them in an extra simobject
asset without any other content. Simply for the purpose to have the textures
converted into a common folder, to with the texture config files in the
multiple simobjects point to. This works perfectly fine (similarly to the MSFS
default simobjects that use some shared textures) BUT throws a warning message
when converting as - of course - there are no sim.cfg and all the other
typical files of a simobject missing. Also has never been a problem. But
after SU7 the FSPackageTool really seems to get the hickups when it detects
something wrong (be it above “simobject” with missing CFGs or a missing
“tumbnail.jpg” for the product page).
It just randomly stops converting
further assets - even if they have changed - and doesn’t go any further after
the first warning appeared. This is even more problematic with mission assets,
where in some cases no warning/error is thrown at all, but the conversion is
just finishes after a faulty mission asset instead of continuing with the
“good ones”. Attached screenshot shows a project with ~20 assets. You see that
it just stops after the first warning.

What kind of AssetGroup is XX_LS_Textures? If it is a SimObject and it doesn’t
have a CFG file, then this an error and the build process stops as expected.
If this is not the case, then we must investigate. Best regards, Eric / Asobo

It’s a simobject with textures only. Strangely this was working before SU7
without halting the conversion process. How else can I create an asset that
contains textures only? Alternatively I could convert the textures once using
simobject and then put them into a “copy” asset. Though I haven’t tried that
yet and it’s not a really clean solution.

Hello. Did you try to use the fallback parameter of your SimObject asset
As shown here, you can refer to a texture folder located in your root
directory so that multiple SimObjects can refer to common resources. Regards,
Asobo / Sylvain

Yes, this is exactly what I have been doing and it works fine. But how can I
convert the PNG files to DDS into the fallback folder without having an asset
type that converts just the textures? PNG → DDS conversion seems to work only
as asset types “mymodellib” or “simobject”. But both assets will require more
than just the PNG files to run without errors and causing fspackagetool to

Hello. My bad, I mentioned the possibility to refer a root directory but
that’s not the case. The way to go I think is to have your texture folder in
one of your SimObject hierarchy and have all the other SimObjects reference
that path using the fallback parameter. Check the SDK LiveryAircraft sample,
Base aircraft contains all the textures and other SimObjects are referring its
texture folder.

I was hoping for a cleaner solution instead of using one simobject as a
container. But that does work of course - and that’s how I will do it from
now. Thank you!