SU8 Beta Broken Tooltips

it would appear that model behaviour Parts created using ASOBO Templates are
no longer recognising LEFT RIGHT or PORT STARBOARD definitions … For example
we have a set of fuel switches labelled LEFT FUEL SWITCH, REAR and RIGHT Etc
but these now only display the ToolTip as “Fuel Switch” … No mention of the
left Rear or Right that worked with previous releases… The same applies to
our PORT REAR STARBOARD Start buttons , now only displayed as “STARTER”, Prop
levers , Mixture and throttles suffer the same fate a More detailed
illustration is below - This is the actual xml code used (in both SU8 and
RIGHT_MAIN Resulting in a tooltip displaying “Fuel Switch” in SU8 whereas
previously we saw “LEFT FUEL SWITCH”

Hello @ModelMuncher According to our developers, there has been no
modification on this. Are you sure you don’t have your COCKPIT INTERACTION
accessibility option set to LEGACY? Illustrating with the C172
fuel selector, here’s the expected behavior with the LOCK system: Hovering the
selector will have a tooltip showing FUEL SELECTOR and how you can
interact with it If you left
click and maintain, it will show how to change the value and the actual value
(Off/Left/Right) will be shown on the right.
If you have the accessibility
option set to lock and don’t have this, can you you show us with pictures or
videos what you are getting? Regards, Sylvain