SU8: Change in terrain shaders

Hi! Just trying to “shed some light” on the different terrain shading between
SU7 and SU8. In my scenery I’m using a combination of:

  • 3D terrain model (to get the glacier cliffs right)
  • projected meshes and textured polygons. Both to to make absolutely sure they are displayed from a distance and give a nice smooth transition between 3D and default. (I added polygons after SU6 killed the transition by

Now the funny part: Terrain elements like projected mesh and polygons seem
to be much darker in SU8
. Is this intentional and what should it improve?
(I’m sure it must improve workflows somewhere, just trying to understand :slight_smile: )
At the bottom you see the core area with 3D. At the top you see the transition
area. All of them in dusk/dawn/day:

It would really be good to know if there are further terrain shader changes
planned or if the status as things are now in SU8 beta can be seen as “final”
for the time being. Thank you!