SU9 Beta Missing ModelLib asset group

Hello guys, since i installed the SU9 beta im exploring a strage behaviour of
the package process. It seems the ModelLib asset group is missing in the
ingame editor even when the package process runs without any error message.
This happens to all projects wer are wokrking on at the moment. whenever i
open the project (in this case u70) and switch to the objects window, the
“scenery” package of the project including the 3D assets is missing, there is
also no ModelLib visible at the asset selector

the packagetool process seems
pretty normal: also the ingame
builder: Is there something we
missed or is this a known bug caused by the SU9 beta?

Hi @BlackJack , This is an issue we have identified and we are working on a
solution. The built package is not mounted into the VFS. A workaround is to
place your built package in your community folder and restart MSFS2020 to see
your objects, but I suggest you to wait for the patch that should be coming
soon. Regards, Boris