SU9 BETA Removes SHP files on scenery save

I’m using (SU9 BETA) and on loading the built SU8 version of my
airport and then opening it in SU9 BETA DEV mode all I did was add a painted
line then SAVE the scenery. This immediately deleted the SHP, DBF, SHX and XML
file (not the scenery.xml file). I copied the files back into the project
folder source and then re-loaded the BGL and clicked SAV again - they were
deleted again. I copied them back into the source folder and this time without
clicking SAVE re-built the project as SU9. I then closed the project and
exited to the World Map and selected the Airport again. It’s been 15 minutes
loading since I clicked FLY so am having to force end MSFS to load everything
again So restarted MSFS SU9 with the recompiled version and into DEV mode.
Loaded project and BGL and added another painted line and clicked SAVE and the
SHP files are again deleted. Will need to ‘roll’ back to continue editing.
This is STEAM version

From what I saw the shapes are now saved in XML (same file where your airport
information is) try to check.

Thankyou. Your answer is correct. The reason why I posted the question was
because at one point I was asked to save the SHP file (after it deleted the
files) but since then, have not been asked again. I can only think that when I
removed the BETA 9 and went back, I forgot to add the SHP files back for SU8
and so it asked me to save. The point is that SU9 is OK regarding this. I’m
now getting CTD when changing colour of an Apron…