SU9 build warnings

Dear Asobo, With SU9 I am getting lots of warning via the console related to
collision meshes and objects using the invisible material. The console
complains the airplane collision meshes and invisible objects alpha values are
below 0.1 therefore they will be difficult to be seeing during debug. these
warnings repeat themselves several times, about 2 to 3 times per LOD… so it
floods the console with warnings. However these objects materials alpha values
are set as standard under 3DS (full 1.0), and given the nature of what these
objects are, well they are supposed to be invisible anyway… so not sure if
these warnings during build time should make sense for such types of objects /
materials. I like to have my build console clean or errors / warnings, so this
is how I noticed these ones. Thanks in advance for the time to read this
feedback. All the best, Simbol

Hello @Simbol We can also see this when building the Da62 SDK sample. Probably
a false positive, we’re looking into it. Regards, Sylvain

Hi Sylvain, Perfect many thanks. Raul

False positive confirmed, this will be fixed in SU10. Thanks for reporting it.

Hi Sylvain, Thanks for confirming and the update, no worries happy to help,
will report anything else I find. Best, Raul