[SU9] Model Attachments

Dear Asobo, I am reading about this new feature with great interest and I have
some questions that I cannot find in the documentation. If I attach another
GLTf file via this method, is there a way to hide the attachment via model
behaviours? so for example, if I attach some passengers, and I want them to
show only when the weight is set, can the main model behaviour file make them
disappear / re-appear? what do you do? hide the attachment node? what is the
best practice? In addition, if the attached model has it’s own animations, can
these be driven via shared L:VARS between the main model and the attachment?
again what is the best practice under this circumstances. Thanks for taking
the time to read my questions. Kind Regards, Raul

Hello @Simbol You can hide the attachment and hiding the attachment node is
the way to go. As stated in the doc “Attachments use the SimObject they are
attached to”
, so you can use L vars and simvars. Regards, Sylvain

Thanks Sylvain, This is a great addition to the SDK. Regards, Raul

Excellent addition!