[SU9] Posible bug with CFD

Dear Asobo, It seems when you enable CFD all the Pfactor, Engine wash, Torque,
etc. stops working for the aircraft. A particular behavior I noticed is what
when I enable CFD the aircraft stops these effects, but as soon as I disable
CFD they come back. I am not using the new prop physics yet, so it could be
related, however I did the same test with the Cessna 172 G1000, disabling CFD
by editing the .cfg file makes the aircraft to have P-factor and these effects
and as soon as I enable it, the effects became pretty much non existent in the
sim. Can this be checked if this is a bug? alternatively, what I should do to
make them work while CFD is enabled? Kind Regards, Raul

Hello @Simbol There are side effects of activating
CFD on p-factor, engine wash and tail control surface effectiveness. Using the
new propeller physics is highly recommended, as CFD model will not reinject
rotor data if using the previous system. Here’s a preview of the documentation
that will be available with final SU9:
Debug_Aircraft_CFD.pdf Regards,

Roger, however some people were reporting a similar issue with the Cessna via
flight sim forums, so could it be an issue? Because the Cessna has the new
propeller physics already enabled. Worth checking it out. All the best, Raul

These effects are definitely working with the CFD; with the world space
visualization you can literally see the spiraling air hitting the vertical

I think what’s happening is the Cessna doesn’t have the re-inject rotor,
vtail, xtail… Causing the feeling pfactor is not there for end users. R.

I’m absolutely no expert here, but, if the physics are there, and the airflow
is being properly calculated, it shouldn’t need the re-inject of the old
approximations of those physical phenomena. Are people just expecting over the
top physics or something. When people complain, are they saying it doesn’t
“feel right” (which is odd without a full motion simulator), or do they have
numbers to back up their claims?

You will need to see the reports in the forums… they posted all the
information there. In my project, without putting the “re-inject” rotors and
without using the new prop physics, I see no p-factor, torque, etc.
happening… then if I disable the CFD… I see them happening… And to be fair
the Cessna 172 does not has the re-inject rotors setting enabled. R.