[SU9] Question about CFD

Dear Asobo, I have enabled CFD for my project by looking at what the Cessna
.cfg file has and after using the debug window. All good. However how do we
enable via the .cfg file the options for, Vtail Htail, rotor, etc. that are
currently available via the debug window? The Cessna only has 2 options
enabled: CFD_EnableSimulation = 1 CFD_ReinjectBody = 1 So wondering what the
other options name are. Thanks in advance, Raul

Hello @Simbol Here’s a preview of the documentation CFD parameters with the
ones you requested:

Regards, Sylvain

Many thanks Sylvain:)

Hello Sylvian, Given the huge difference in trim that happens when you enable
“CFD Reinject HStab” option, what is the recommended atributes to tune the
aircraft back to realistic values of trim vs known attitude / speed targets
from the real airplane? Thank you!

@FlyingRaccoon Could you also a share a preview of the documentation for the
variables prefixed Stall_ and StallDef_ ?

Hello @StevenPearce I added those to your article :wink: [/articles/7220/list-of-