[SU9] Touch Screens weird cursor behavior

Dear Asobo, With SU9, all HTML / JS glass cockpit gauges cursor behavior has
changed, with SU8 the user would get a “hand cursor” when hovering over any
gauge control that is touch screen, for example the Garmin AS3X touch,
tablets, etc. With SU9, this is not the case, the cursor is gone and it is
only the normal arrow cursor… which is confusing as people might not know it
is a touchable surface, video to illustrate: https://youtu.be/xSoXTvvbd5s
Kind Regards, Raul

@Boris, Do you see this question? I could not find it… I think I did it
private by mistake and now it will not show to even you guys? S.

Hi @Simbol , Yes, all the Asobo staff on devsupport
can see your question :wink: This is indeed an issue and it’s already being
investigated but thanks for reporting it :slight_smile: Regards, Boris

Ahh perfect :slight_smile: