[SU9 - Xbox - BUG] Windshield glass reflections glitches

Dear Asobo, Now that SU9 has gone public, our Xbox users are reporting a
glitch with one of our products where the windshield reflections go bananas.
The product was fine with SU8 + PC+ Xbox, we tested the product on PC + SU9,
but since we could not test SU9 on Xbox prior to release, unfortunately we
could not catch this issue to report it before release. This video shows what
Xbox users are experiencing with the product (FreedomFox by Parallel42):
We were able to replicate the issue now on PC by changing the the render
scaling resolution setting from 100 to 90:

However the issue appears to
happens on Xbox always. Please note we also have reports this visual glitch is
also appearing on multiple default aircraft, including the Junkers DLC. Is
there anything we can do in our side to correct the issue? or is this
something that only you guys could correct? Many thanks in advance for any
help provided on this matter. Kind Regards, Raul

Dear Asobo, I totally understand you guys are flooded with workload, but we
are getting swamped in support tickets from Xbox users asking why this is
happening and what we will do about it. Can we get at least an acknowledge you
guys read this question? and it is in the queue of things… Once again many
thanks for all the help provided. Kind Regards, Raul

Hello @Simbol , Sorry for the delay, We are already investigating this issue.
Regards, Boris

Hi Boris, Many thanks for letting me know, very much appreciated. We will let
our customers known this is under investigation. Once again thanks for taking
the time to investigate this issue. Best regards, Raul