Suggestion: A status on here for suggestions that are being rejected, other then 'Completed'

I was rather excited this morning to see a bunch of items freshly tagged with
a ‘Completed’ status. Only to click into a few of them and discover that they
aren’t actually ‘completed’… instead they’re ‘Rejected’. Perhaps that might
be a needed status tag on here? Having suggestions that are being rejected
marked ‘Completed’ is misleading at best, and at worst… well, lets say it
doesn’t make anyone happy, nor willing to take their time in the future to
thoughtfully write out a suggestion and lay out a case as to why an item might
be a good idea.

Excited if this will be marked as completed too!

Hello. I’m clarifying this a bit and adding new status. We didn’t lock votes
and comments on ideas with status “won’t do”. In a lot of cases, it’s just
that we don’t have the bandwidth to do it. We will make it clear in our answer
when that’s something we don’t want to do or it conflicts with our own plans.
Regards, Sylvain