Suggestion: Additional model matching fallback tag (Fighter jet, Float plane, Ski)

Currently the sim is not able to determine if an unknown simtitle is a
specific type of plane, like a fighter jet (which should fall back to the
default Hornet) or helicopter (which should fall back to a default helicopter)
or a float / ski version. Specifically for the float / ski version: This
affects planes like the C172 or the X Cub, when a user is using an unknown
livery. The sim will attempt to randomly pick a version of those planes based
on icao_type_designator, but that means it will most of the time pick the
wrong type. For example a float version when a regular version is used. For a
fighter jet: It falls back to a generic airliner instead of the hornet. For
helicopters: It falls back to the fake bonanza. Would be great to have an
additional tag to help the icao fallback system designating it as a specific
type of aircraft, as this doesn’t seem to be available via the icao database
that the fallback algorithm currently relies on.