SURFACE CONDITION variable is not updated every time

Hi, I am trying to read the condition of the surface below the aircraft using
SURFACE CONDITION variable. This variable is not updated every time I change
the weather. For example, when I switch from clear weather to snowy weather,
the variable is updated but when I switch back to clear weather or rainy
weather, it usually stays snowy. Also, the variable SURFACE INFO VALID which
is used to check for validity of SURFACE CONDITION is always 0 in my case. I
try to retrieve these variables at SIM_FRAME. Do you have any idea to force
MSFS to update that variable? Thanks in advance!

Hello @PeakMercury3697 I don’t reproduce the problem you describe on SURFACE
CONDITION. Keep in mind there is a bit of inertia when you change weather
conditions. For example, when switching from rainy to clear skies, the ground
stays wet for a bit of time so the simvar will not be set to 0 immediately.
Make sure the values you get match the ones shown in the SimVarWatcher tool.
Regarding the SURFACE INFO VALID simvar, it’s inherited from FSX but MSFS
doesn’t use it. We’ll review if we can set it in a relevant way. For now, just
assume it’s always valid as long as you are in a flight. Regards, Sylvain