Taxiway material not showing

Drawing or editing a taxiway not drawing any material despite a material being
selected. What am I doing wrong? I don’t recall this being a problem before. I
tried changing width, coloration, lines - other settings work, but the taxiway
itself is not displayed. Unchecking and checking “draw surface” doesn’t change
anything at all, other than a momentary flicker on screen. The material
doesn’t show up during the flicker either.

I believe most developers use an unchecked draw surface, and then use an apron
to draw the actual taxiway material.

@RomanDesign according to the documentation, to draw the surface, “TAXI” has
to be chosen as the type. “PATH” doesn’t draw the surface regardless whether
the checkmark option being on or off.
As @rhumbaflappy said, most of us just draw an apron for the actual surface

Hello @RomanDesign , @vpilot is right, you’ll need to use TAXI for what you
want to achieve. Regards, Boris

Thanks. I just wanted to experiment to see if it’s simpler that way for long
simple taxiways. But there are artifacts on the edges, a checkerboard pattern
of hard and soft edges for some reason… And there is no falloff parameter.
I’ve also been using aprons before, but it would make sense and look neater to
use taxi paths for the long sections, to make sure they are even. Too bad it
doesn’t work right. It looks like a bug

Thanks. See my comment below. It kinda works, but looks like there is a show-
stopping bug.

In general I stay away from showing materials on taxi paths. As you noted,
there’s just way too many discontinuities in the logic of how they line up at
intersections. Same thing with taxiway edge lines. Taxiway centerlines can be
better if I put a node just before a split. So I use aprons for everything. To
get consistent apron edges and painted lines, and taxiways for that matter, I
create a long painted line and then align all the points to that and delete
the line. (ADE used to have a tool where you could select a string of points
and tell them to align to a line between two points that used to work really