Terraforming - some points under bridges/overpasses unaffected

I’m using heightmaps on rectangles to terraform an airport - and I have different densities of grids depending on the level of detail, all set by the priority system.
This works exceedingly well everywhere except on rectangles terraforming overpasses - in this case - taxiway overpasses. I am replacing those with actual bridges and need to shape the terrain.

There are only a few points that seem unaffected by the terraforming and I cannot get those to lower - they will not respond to any terraforming attempt using rectangles or polygons - heightmap on rectangles or any manual profile set. Even a plain rectangle that is lowered (or raised) above this area does nothing.

It’s almost like the underlying data overrides whatever the terraforming says it should do, and I note that outside of specific pre-existing points in the mesh, all other areas including those right next to these points work as expected.

This creates weird triangular peaks when the rest of the heightmap is applied.

The debug mode shows the terraforming grid applied correctly - but the terrain still follows these few pre-existing points.

The question is - how does one get rid of them? What is strange here is everything works perfectly except for a few points by the overpasses. The mesh density cannot be changed either in those areas.

I have double checked my airport exclusions are set, so the only item I’ve kept from the default scenery is the ILS and frequencies - everything else has been removed per the documentation (and indeed behaves this way except in these few areas of my airport).

Help would be appreciated!



It may be photogrammetry. In MSFS turn photogrammetry off in Options | data and see if the problem goes away. If so, you may be able to exclude the photogrammetry.

Thank you! That was exactly it!
I turned it off and it immediately solved the problem - this had been driving me crazy for a while.

So I suppose now the next question is - can photogrammetry be disabled only within a specific exclusion area such as inside a polygon?

A good example of excluding photogrammetry is here: https://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/what-the-best-way-to-remove-rocky-photogrametry-monolith-trees.455740/post-905588
Sometimes the reference point for the particular photogrammetry model is not located near the problem, so you may need to experiment a bit as to the size of the polygon needed.

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