Textures rebuilt automatically due to changed .GLTF are saved in the wrong folder

When the dev mode Scenery editor is opened on an airport project and the
airport Asset loaded in the Editor, re-exporting a .GLTF from 3ds Max will
trigger a partial rebuild of that .GLTF. However, this automatic rebuild
doesn’t use the “Packages” folder but, instead, it exports in the “root” of
the currently loaded Project, creating a duplicated package sub-folder there,
containing all textures which were used on GLTF that was modified. So, for
example, assume the following Project structure:


A normal build would create the package in a “Packages” folder:


However, when a .GLTF gets in the PackageSources changes for any reason (even
manually edit the .GLTF file to trigger a rebuild ), the automatic rebuild
that gets triggered will create a NEW folder in the project root:


Which contains only an empty SCENERY folder (no .BGL, no .JSON files, etc. ),
containing a TEXTURE folder with just the textures which were used in the
modified .GLTF. In addition to getting this duplicate folder, this slows down
the first rebuild, because it’s not reusing the .DDS in the Packages folder.

Hello @virtuali Thank you for reporting this. This will be investigated and
fixed for upcoming updates. Regards, Sylvain

Dear Sylvain Is this going to be fixed in the next update? Would be nice
because even if you try to change one texture you have to wait a lot as long
as the editor re-compiles all of them again. Thanks!

I agree, this is really impacting our team who uses an automated live file
transfer over the internet back to a server. We use to collab instantly now we
have to wait 10-20 mins per build for upload and testing

@tsgucci @HybridNZ We are moving forward on this. I need to do further testing
to confirm it’s fixed on our side.

Thanks Sylvian for the update will be great to get back to where we were with
build speeds!