The SDK wont Install - Why

| Info Mar 5, 2023, 11:49 GMT+1 Initially, when pressing the download SDK
installer Core button in Dev Mode the download was incomplete or botched in
some way and the installer would not work. Forum research suggested changing
the aircraft to a default one and changing the browser to Microsoft Edge. This
resulted in a clean and complete download of about 123 Mb. However the same
error comes up when trying to install it… The feature you are trying to use
is on a network resource that is unavailable… WTF :slight_smile: It goes on to say you
can browse for the file … but that does nothing also … the ecosystem
just has me going around in circles with the same result. I have checked the
windows installer program in the services menu and that was fine without any
dramas. I had installed the sdk when I first bought the sim a couple of years
ago and had experimented a little with it and it has been laying dormant
without use for a couple of years. Recently I revisited the sdk and was in the
process of relearing it when an issue occured… I inadvertantly docked one of
the windows and could not undock it by any means (the whole screen was
oblterated by the window. I shut the sim down and restarted several times but
the docked window was still there. The only recourse I had was to delete the
sdk and try and reinstall it but the above error keeps happening. I realise
now that I might have been better off if I had uninstalled the sdk … but I
found myself in a very frustrating battle trying to get the bloody thing
working… I also read somewhere that the SDK itself may be corrupted as it
just wont get past the network resource waffle. What can I do??? or can you
provide me a link to a copy of the sdk that will install. In anticipation of
your wonderful miracle working … many thanks. Yours Faithfully Steve

Hello @info , A quick clarification: - The “SDK” is everything you can
install that contains Sample / Tools / Documentation… - The DevMode (for
developer mode) is integrated directly into the game. Regarding your
issue with the docked window, you have 3 options: Option 1: You can find
the window title, hold the left click on it and try to drag and drop it where
you can resize it after. Option 2: You can reset the DevMode settings by
clicking on the Reset Settings option in the DevMode menu:
Option 3: You can reset the
DevMode settings by deleting the file “DevMode.xml” that is located in
See the documentation about DevMode
About the fact that you can’t download the sdk, I don’t think we can help you
here. Try to check your antivus / firewall settings and open a ticket on our
zendesk. Regards, Boris