These 3 lines: beta_min = .. beta_max = .. beta_cruise = ..sometimes disappear

I didn t test everything, but it seems that when switching from "‘Speed
constant’‘’ to ‘‘fixed pitch’’, these lines disappear, and when returning to
"‘Speed constant’’ , they don t appear again after Save&Synch.; I m not sure
of this exact cause, but i noticed these 3 lines sometimes disappear.

Hello @oliv72 My apologies for missing this question. This is the expected
behaviour of the AircraftEditor at the moment. All irrelevant parameters are
removed . With SU12, we plan to comment out unused parameters instead so that
you can roll back to your previous configuration. Regards, Sylvain

Hello Sylvain, thanks again for answering. I’m not at home and can’t check the
game but once again, if i noticed these mising lines, there was a good reason,
either the engine turned off or the game was crashing, i don’t remember. Maybe
that was fixed, i can not test now. So the interesting (not “interressant”)
suggestion about commenting the lines was taken into account, good. The most
problematic is about engine type changes, i don’t remember after which update
the game started to crash while changing it, i just know this didn’t happen in
the first SDK versions. This is really embarrassant because of the crash
coming when loading an aircraft (that works well individually loaded) with a
different engine type, sorry if i insist heavyly on this. Nice day.

Hello @oliv72 When switching back to speed constant, these parameters should
be available again and set to appropriate default values. So if the sim
crashes or the engine behaves in a weird way, let me know and I’ll
investigate. The crash on engine type switch is also being tracked and we are
working on a fix as we speak. Regards, Sylvain

Thx for tracking engine change bug. I confirm that the 3 needed lines don’t
come back when switching again to CONSTANT SPEED. And then my aircraft/helico
doesn t stand right on the ground… Please don t tell me that theses lines
aren t needed with constant speed because they are in AE :slight_smile:

And when i try to resynch with the correct engine file (with the 3 lines and
maybe others…), the game crashes… Wanted bugs or not wanted bugs, i’m
sometimes wondering…