Too many depricated cfg parameters - Identify with comment

There are now a lot of depricated cfg parameters in the engines and
flight_model.cfg. Could there be a way to add a comment (If there already is
no comment ) to these depricated parameters? Or perhaps a comment out
depricated parameters like is already done with ;[Removed] comment in other
parts of the AE. Maybe a button that the developer can click to “Comment out
all depricated” in each tab separatly. Perhaps in AE3?

The sim crashes if you actually remove all the deprecated parameters from
flight_model.cfg, and I haven’t been bothered to binary split my way through
the list to narrow that down. The AS33 glider flight_model.cfg has the
aerodynamic parameters re-sorted into groups for lift, drag and ‘deprecated’ -
it’s impressive how few parameters remain in the non-deprecated groups. Good
luck with the flight model for your glider - even measuring the flight
performance is an art form (the AS33 has a calculation for smoothed glide
ratio built into the glider model XML). You’ll need the TE calculation and be
aware the current Asobo implementation is broken given the behaviour of the
vario’s in the stock gliders - that’s been reported. The dev aircraft debug
windows for ‘stall’ and ‘VhVs’ are most useful for glider flight model
development but AFAIK no debug window shows current L/D ratio (or glide ratio)
and for gliders attempting to use airspeed/vertical speed is far too sensitive
to small errors to be practicable. In another debug window you can read total
lift force and total drag force and divide those, but it’s hard to catch a
‘matching pair’ of values unless you screenshot that debug window.

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