Transponder issue

Hello, For our Maule M7 It don’t happens at the first MSFS launch, whatever
the Variation you choose (Base / Tundra / Floaters) It happens when you want
to change aircraft variation after another variation used Example : you have
loaded and used the Base version and now you go to menu and select Tundra
variation The tranponder can’t be set to ON > Solution = each time you want to
change variation, you need to load it one time, go back to menu, and reload it
a second time Like this, then you will not have the Transponder issue. Once
again at the first MSFS Launch and first Aircraft load, the issue isn’t
there… Thanks for the help

Hello @Kem_Pesim I was not able to reproduce this issue using your package
from the Marketplace. I spawned with the base version, switched the
transponder between OFF, ON, STBY and ALT modes, tracking the corresponding
simvars with index 1 in the SimvarWatcher. I then went back to the main menu,
switched to the Tundra variant and I was still able to change the transponder
modes. Am I missing something? Regards, Sylvain