Trees everywhere while working in SDK

Airport scenery in question is the freeware LTFM (which is STILL not included in base sim).

Trees all over the airport area even though I selected “Vegetation” and moved all sliders to LEFT in the properties window of the main polygon.
I am facing this problem all the time and it is getting on my nerves after the initial 3-4 minutes of a work session.
Could this be because the airport area is not an “airport” area in the base sim?
Anyone knows something that I do not know or able to find the cause why this happens?

  • All the workbase is covered with a polygon as stated above and all aprons based on the underlying imagery (which I created and shared with the community along with the initial upload long time ago) are covered with “Apron”; some transparent and some are not. Here is an example of transparent “Aprons”

Hoping to find a solution (or at least to know why this is happening) before I get crazy.

PS. And here is a link to a short video to show how and when it happens.

Your vegetation exclusion polygon has too much options (exclusion roads, streetlight, Powerlines and such)

Try to Keep the polygon only for vegetation, And another for all the rest

Will try this and revert asap, thanks.

I cannot say it solved my problem but reduced the time and occurance of forest immediately after making a change in the scenery. So I should say that the problem is still alive.