Trim speed and other user inputs are framerate dependent

Apologies if this is already a known issue, I reported it a few months ago on
the main beta forum but it got buried under other requests. The speed at which
trim up/down keys adjust the trim position depends on framerate. At 60 fps the
trim wheel moves twice as fast as it does at 30 fps. At 120 fps it moves 4x as
fast. This issue affects not only the trim but also all other user inputs of
“press and hold the key” type, like engine throttle, prop, mixture, brakes,
keyboard controls of the yoke and rudder, etc. This means we cannot really
provide a consistent experience to the end user because their keyboard
controls can be several times more sensitive (or less sensitive) than on the
development machine, depending on their hardware and graphics settings. It can
even vary greatly during a single flight, as the fps during the cruise phase
can easily be twice as high as during approach.

Hello @some1 Do you have a specific example in mind of aircraft having this
problem? Most if not all of our aircraft are using Behavior templates based on
ASOBO_GT_Update where a frequency per second is provided so what you describe
should not happen. It could happen with aircraft sending key events or writing
simvars in a WASM module where the update callback is called every frame but
in this case, it’s up to them to handle the frequency they want. Regards,

Hello Sylvain, Steps to reproduce: 1. Load Asobo_C172 2. Set the simulator
render scaling to 30%, to generate as much fps as possible. 3. Measure how
long it takes to move the trim wheel from one extreme position to the other
end using keyboard “ELEVATOR TRIM UP/DOWN” commands (default keys are NUM1 /
NUM7) 4. Set the simulator render scaling to 200%, to bring fps as low as
possible. 5. Measure the trim speed again. The issue is not limited to trim
or the C172, it affects all airplanes I checked and all keybaord/joystick
controls of “press and hold type”. To me it looks more like a problem with
low-level processing of the keyboard events in the simulator. As aircraft
developers, we don’t really handle these events on the aircraft side. We only
see the end result, which in this case would be the value of ELEVATOR TRIM
POSITION simvar. And the simvar is changing faster if the fps is higher. In
fact, we couldn’t handle these keyboard events on the aircraft side properly
even if we wanted to, since the event system does not transmit default events
on key up, only on key down.

Ok you meant using key events directly. I see the problem now. Our devs in
charge of inputs are out of the office at the moment, but I’ll discuss the
topic with them when they are back. Regards, Sylvain

Has there been an update on this?