TT_VALUE with More than One Formatted Value

Hello All,

We cannot find any example in the SDK about how to display more than one formatted tooltip value, using an expression similar to:

<TT_VALUE RPN=“True”>(L:LeftInletTemperature, Fahrenheit) ‘Left: %d°F’ (F:Format)</TT_VALUE>

The tooltip values we would like to display would look like:

Left: 60°F, Right: 70°F

We tried many different expressions using the (F:Format) function, but each time we get only the last value (variable) displayed.

(Same with localized strings using RPN.)

We would like to show both values for the left and right temperatures.

Any suggestion?

Many thanks.

Xtreme Prototypes Development Team

Looks like we found the solution, based on the %s %s example in the SDK:

<TT_VALUE RPN=“True”>(L:RightInletTemperature, Fahrenheit) (L:LeftInletTemperature, Fahrenheit) ‘Left: %d°F Right: %d°F’ (F:Format)</TT_VALUE>


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