Turbo Prop, how to make it feather in the air properly?

Dear Asobo, I am tweaking an Turbo prop engine, despite of the engine being
shutdown and the prop feathered at Beta angle 85, it keeps spinning in the air
(engine debug shows prop RPM at 350)… this is not the behavior I am looking
for, the RPMs should reduce and eventually just stop. I am not using legacy
tables (my understanding, this would prevent me from going full prop_modern
later), I also found this on the SDK documentation, where it says, the turbo
Prop engine friction table is not longer used by MSFS.

So how we tweak this? how we
make the props for turbo-props stop in flight? Best, Raul

Update It seem the following parameter is the cause,

  1. prop_cx_parabol=1;

Setting this to zero, makes it feather properly… setting it to one, and the
propeller keeps spinning in the air. How this can be tweaked? my understanding
is the CX_parabol = 1 is the more modern formulas, and yet it would not allow
the engine to feather properly. Thanks in advance. Raul

Hello @Simbol You probably want to have a look at those parameters, especially
the first one. Their description is inaccurate in the current doc version but
will be fixed with SU10.

Regards, Sylvain

Hi Sylvain, I have those variables set, I played with multiple numbers and the
issued remained unless prop_cx_parabol was set to zero. I have
power_absorbed_cf = 1.0 and power_propeller_absorbed_cf = 1.0, and yet the
propeller was not feathering correctly, keeps spinning… only solution was to
set prop_cx_parabol =0… which is odd. The if I change to prop_user_modern…
and I set the prop_mod_use_absorbed_torque=1, The issue remains despite of
having the prop_cx_parabol set to 1 or zero… propeller keeps spinning… Is
an odd behavior… Any more clues? Regards, Raul

Further to the above, I wonder why when with the new prop model, and in say
the B350, we fail an engine and the prop feathers, flying in a sideslip
doesn’t make it rotate again. We can see it stands still if we perform some
kind of aileron roll, supposedly due to the relative airflow, but as we
sideslip the aircraft then the lateral component should be enough for the prop
to start rotating again…