Turbojet engine configuration

Hi, I am developing the Beast One aircraft (sourcecode available here:
https://github.com/scheny/Beast_One can be downloaded here:
https://flightsim.to/file/10355/beast-one-microjet) and I have the problem,
that the engine is a turbojet, which means, that there is only n1 but no n2. I
tried to solve the problem by adding this line which I hoped would make n1 and
n2 being the same:


Unfortunately it has no effect and the n2 seems to follow some function of n1.
In addition, I have problems with the PID mechanism, which uses the same
values for every aircraft from the CJ to the 747, but in my aircraft it makes
the engine oscillate like crazy when throttle changes quickly. Unfortunately
the aircraft manager in the developer mode does not have this values, so I
have to change them in the file and load the aircraft again to check. This is
an absolute pain in the ass… Any clue how to change the values quickly (for
instance with resync)? Here my PID settings which oscillate:


BR, Andreas

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Hello, Just add use_n1_to_n1_table = 1 to the engines.cfg file, in the
[TURBINEENGINEDATA] section, it should work.