TurboProp density_on_torque_table

Dear Asobo, Can I get clarification on the density_on_torque_table I am
trying to match my turbo engine to the POH of the real aircraft, which has the
following tables for performance:
The max torque is 1313 on this
engine, I have configured the engine max torque correctly, the
n1_to_shaft_torque_table, etc. But my question is, are the values on the
density_on_troque_table are as per ISA 0? I get confused because the weather
dialog in MSFS says ISA +10. So what’s the best way to tweak this and test it
via the engine Debug window? Best, Raul

Hello @Simbol Maybe I’m missing something but I
don’t see how this table relates to ISA condition. You’re asked to provide a
pressure and torque multiplier. If your POH provides you with altitude values
at ISA 0, you take the corresponding pressure. In game, whether you’re in ISA
0 or ISA +10 condition, the table will be used the same way, using the current
pressure to fetch the multiplier in the table. Regards, Sylvain

Hi Sylvain, That is the ISA 0 performance table on torque and fuel flow, so
basically I can create the multiplier density table based on that, my question
was if we use ISA 0 or ISA 10+ tables given the weather user interface always
says ISA 10+? that’s my confusion. I added the multiplier based on that table
and things started to work at the end, so I imagine we use ISA 0 information
then? Best, Raul

You mean you have two different tables in your POH, that give a different
torque for the same air density?

They have tables for ISA 0 with the temps, and they have tables for ISA +10,
+15, +20, etc… Same on the negative range. Piper POH are very specific, yea.
But my theory is, for Msfs ISA 0 is all that is required, right? R.

I’d say use the one you want, it shouldn’t make a big difference. I’m being
curious, can you show me the ISA +10 table from the POH as well please?

Sure thing. here you have 3:

configured my table with ISA 0, and set the ground temperature at 15c. things
are matching when I climb or temperature changes, so you might be right.
However, I am finding an issue when I load from Apron vs Taxi, I posted that
as a different topic. Thanks for all the help, Raul

Hello @Simbol My bad, I thought the relationship
between temperature, pressure and density was more straightforward. I got some
feedback from our plane developers about this. They use the ISA table whenever
possible and configure the weather panel to match ISA condition as well
(default clear skies condition i think). The weather panel showing ISA+10 is a
mistake. When you’re at sea level with 15°C and 1013.25 hPa, you are in ISA
condition. Regards, Sylvain

Right thank you!. this is what was confusing me, ISA 10+ on the weather panel
was driving my brain into high-wire haha. Thanks for clarifying, will you guys
update the weather panel in the future to say ISA (no +10)? the reality is, we
are then setting the ISA temp, no the ISA +10 temp… so it should reflect the
correct data there :). Best, Raul

Yes, the weather panel will be fixed.