Turboprop engine motors but doesn't ignite

Hi, I’m currently working on a turboprop aircraft but I’m facing an issue where the aircraft will motor to 13% rpm, but it will never ignite or have fuel supplied despite it being set to have combustion begin at 13%


(picture taken from a startup attempt that occurred after having shut down a functioning engine)

This issue is also present when using Ctrl+E to start the engine

I’ve still been unable to get this working for the last 4 days, since then I’ve converted my aircraft from the legacy to modern fuel system, and messed around with some engine settings but with no success.



Simvar Watcher shows that the engine is igniting, all of the fuel lines have pressure from the engine, but yet there is no flow.

Hello @meqolo !

May I ask you to send us your package as a private content following the third section of this page ? This will allow us to find where the issue comes from more easily.