Turboprop suggestion: Torque/Ng adjustment

First of all, I noticed that when turning on the Inertial Separator, the
torque drops (which is good) but I cannot find how to adjust it. Now to the
suggestion: there are a number of factors that affect torque and Ng on
turboprops, but the only one that seems to be modelled is the inertial
separator. I will post some examples:

  • Generator
  • De-icing/de-fogging
  • Air conditioning

There is also another bug in the present implementation. Currently, when
feathering the propeller torque stays the same and RPM drop. What should
happen is that torque should increase instead of staying the same. Attached
are a couple of pictures from a PT-6 in feathered and unfeathered, ground idle

I should add to this that torque already increases when you make the propeller
pitch coarser in the sim. The torque issue only exists when you fully feather
the prop (negative pitch setting).

Hello. This was reviewed with engine devs and they agreed on pretty much
everything :slight_smile: We have added tasks about the 3 things you mentioned: - add a
parameter to adjust influence of inertial separator on torque - review
influence of aircraft systems on torque and Ng - fix the torque not
increasing when prop is feathered. When it will be implemented depends on
complexity and available resources. Thank you for the feedback. Regards,


@FlyingRaccoon has there been any progress with this?

Bumping this up in case it found its way forward!

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Following, I need to adjust mine as well… looking forward for ways to achieve this.


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