TURBOPROP: The line low_idle_n2=... disappears after Save&Synch

TURBOPROP: The line low_idle_n2=… disappears after Save&Synch;

For modern engine, and also these lines : static_thrust=…
reverser_available= reverser_mach_controlled= afterburner_available=
afterburner_throttle_threshold= ThrustSpecificFuelConsumption=…

But when i paste them again, they don t disappear anymore after
save&resynch…; Ok, i think i will stop trying to understand…

Ok , i understand, if i do a simplem Save&synch;, they don t disappear. If i
change any values, they disappear again. I noticed we always can do
save&synch; without any changes before, certainly due to the fact i still get
a “star” in flifghtmodel.cfg.

And the templates (from the Pilatus if i well remember, not sure) do not work
with modern propeller: Instru_RPMPercent2_needle_01
Instru_RPMPercent2_needle_01 (A:PROP MAX RPM PERCENT:1,Percent) 0.9 * 0 10000
Instru_RPMPercent2_needle_02 Instru_RPMPercent2_needle_02 (A:PROP MAX RPM
PERCENT:1,Percent) 10 % 10 * 0 10

Hello @oliv72 As indicated in the documentation, all
the parameters you mentioned are applicable to jet engines only so the AE
removing them in a turboprop configuration file is the expected behavior.
Regards, Sylvain

Hi @FlyingRaccoon , Althought I understand the
logic behind this, at the same time I think this is a dangerous move by AE.
Imagine for a second you have a JET engine all nicely configured, you by
mistake select Turbo or Prop in the engine type (a mistake) and click save and
resync… now all your previous data config is removed and you lost all you had
there before! You then realise the mistake, put it back to JET but all the
data has been wiped. I think it would be better to avoid such behaviour, it
can lead to developers losing their data when using AE and this is one of the
reasons we don’t trust it at all… even with the new version I find myself not
using save and resync because I am extremely nervous stuff like this can
happen… so I keep using notepad++ (this is an indication of lack of
confidence from our side) and this topic just confirms it… we still need to
tweak AE much more so it preserves our data config files and stop taking
decisions to remove lines, etc. Hope you guys appreciate the feedback. All the
best, Raul

Hello, thanks for your answer, but explain me why the engine turns off and
doesn t start anymore without these parameters ? (i wouldn t have noticed this
if the engine didn t turn off)

Can you also explain me why the game crashes when i change engine type in AE ?
(even with intial files from mouse or simple aircraft) It also crashes when i
load 2 aircrafts with different engines (from SDK) in main menu.

Last precision: i am surprised that when downloading SDK updates, no changes
are done in initial files of these “Templates”: Simple/Mouse aircrafts.

Maybe model aircrafts for all engine types should be added in the SDK to avoid
these problems.

And the last one: When pasting engine.cfg from F18 and then doing a
Save&Resynch;, several lines disappear limiting the aircraft’s speed. At the
beginning, i thought these were bugs, but NO, this is done on “purpose” to
avoid too much experimentation…

We are considering commenting out those parameters instead of removing them so
that you can easily go back. We encountered this problem as well when you
switch to the new fuel system and lose the correctly configured legacy fuel
system. Regards, Sylvain

Perfect, yea that would be far better than wiping the lines out :slight_smile: Thanks for
the quick response. R.

Please did anyone try to change engine type successfully without any crash ? I
was wondering if this crash only happens when modifying files from aircraft s
templates instead of moifiying them inside a new project ? I m almost sure the
crash happens in both cases. Loading 2 aircrafts with different engines type
makes the game crash when each aircraft loaded individually after game restart
work perfectly.

Hi Sylvain, The following might be completely irrelevant, because I don’t have
enough knowledge about this particular issue, nevertheless, I was thinking
about: is there any way you could also handle versioning and/or GIT
integration when doing the “save and resync”? Not only this would allow
rolling back in case of errors, but with GIT integration it could also be
tracked externally?! Jean-Luc

Interressant suggestions but the original problem is avoided. Turbopro engine
with NEW propeller doesn t work without these values.

Not invalidating your issue at all, just providing feedback regarding AE
because we have been trying to fix these kinds of configurations / corruptions
since AE V1, so it is important we get AE V2 not doing the same. R.


The whole point is for the AE to setup the lines by the type. So this is
something you set 1 time. After that there is no reason to change it. And a
backup can help for some dumb reason it got changed. Asobo has a lot to do in
the 10 year period and this is not something major only minor. I would report
major issues. Missing a line because you entered the wrong type of engine
makes perfect sense and it should produce the info for that engine.