Turn "Helipads" into Runways - Add "helis" parkings

Hello everyone. So far we have some issues. I’ll point out where all this
comes from.

As it can be seen
in this pic, this airport is made of 2 parts so far. One which is the Civil
Airport and one which is the Military Heliport. Both have same runway heading,
but for Realism’s sake I won’t name them 31/13L and 31/13R. By now the Helipad
object acts as a small runway for helicopters if a starting point is added,
which is kinda fine for some dedicated areas, but still spawning there will
cause the Heli to spawn with running engines. This is the classic behaviour of
a Runway type object. Now, what if that “helipad” object had a new sub-object
named like “Helicopters only Runway” , with dual starting points, and we see
a new parking type added as " Helicopters " for proper helipads? So, the
parking act as a parking. You start the engine, do the run up, then taxi
either to the Helicopter runway, or the usual runway if specified. Else you
can start from the HeliPad and take off straight from there. No need for new
taxi rules or something, but the approximation in helicopters infrastructures
in the airports so far doesn’t help at all in building a realistic and user
friendly environment, seeing most of the effort in figuring out workarounds
for such situations Regards Chris - LN Design

I agree with this one. Adding a “Helicopter Use Only” flag to runways will enable Helicopter runways or FATOs as it is also called.

Also for parking spots a flag “Helicopter Use Only” should be added.

Consider this picture, how the heck did this aircraft end up on this helipad? This was taken from a heliport without any runways.