Unable to resize/scale simobjects

Are simbojects not able to be resized? We change the scaling in the sdk, and
saved/built the project, and once we reload it the simobjects are back to the
original size

No, I have not been able to resize simobjects without doing it in the model. I
don’t know if this is by design or not.

This one is puzzling for me as I have one scenery project where I was able to
save simobject’s changed scale but not another and I don’t see any difference.

Hello. SimObject scale is adjustable through the scale property in the gizmo
panel. Editing the scale directly in the xml does not refresh the scenery
though. Regards, Sylvain

I can change it in the gizmo panel, it looks fine when I save the scene. But
when I close the project, the objects show up in the sim with original 1:1
scale. Tried re-building the scenery project, re-copying package to Community
folder but don’t see the changed scale.

Here’s what I’ve tested: - Open the SimpleScenery SDK sample - Change the
box scale from 50 to 10 → visible immediately - Save scenery and close
editor → scale switches back to 50 as the game falls back on the content of
the Packages directory - Build the package → scale switches to 10 as changes
are applied to Packages dir content Do you have a different behavior? Regards,

@FlyingRaccoon Nope, doesn’t work. I did exactly what you said and it’s still
in 1:1 after I re-compiled the package. Scheduled to be fixed in SU10, found