Unauthorized library use

I would like to know if there is a possibility that the SDK does not have access to the libraries of other contents. My question refers to the following situation: when we open a project, the content of other developers appears available in the library to be used, but I don’t believe it is right, because I realized that there are people who are taking advantage of this when they access the content and are using items from other developers on their products. Is there any way to forbid this access so that others cannot use our libraries?

The advantage is to the library creator too.
Because if a model from a 3rd party library is placed by a Dev, the end user NEEDS that library installed if he want to see that model.
So if the 3rd party library is from a “pay” package, the end user HAS to buy that package to enjoy
The Dev has no legal way to share the 3rd party library, unless explicitly granted to do so by the original 3rd party creator.

but my question is, as it currently stands, does it allow other people to create content with the library that is of their own authorship. my doubt is using it without permission. understand?

Hello @zezinho1939

There is no way to restrict access to your model library at the moment.
Its content becomes available in the Scenery Editor as soon as your package is mounted.

However, as mamudesign said, it creates a dependency between packages and the end customer will need to have both your package containing the library and the one referencing its content.


Yep. Other people can place your assets in their own scenery. But they will only show in the sim if your library is already active. Likewise, airports can have elements altered by addons. It’s a pretty open sandbox. If your assets are to be exclusively used , then this isn’t the right sim.

There are a couple of ways around this, We actively chase unauthorised use of our model librabries for use in sceneries. In 100% cases when we reached out people to comply with no problems. Just make sure you have it in your terms and conditions.

Push frequent updates to your librabry and change the GUID and update your main sceneries.

Mmm in first post you use “our” libraries
While in this one you use “their”

Maybe I don’t get it …
If you want to make sure to use only your own stuff, and avoid any copyright infringement(how a reference to a guid can be copyright infringement…?..
Cause the reference in your bgl is like: page 93 of the book “the wonderful scenery of someone else”… if end user don’t own the book, he will never know what’s in that page …)

In the scenery editor, on the right, you can limit the available objects to a specific package (only your own, or maybe fs-base when you want to place always available game assets)

I don’t get it either. If you are a freeware developer, then having someone else place your objects requires the end-user to have your package downloaded and installed to the sim. This is a win, because you get more downloads.

If you are a payware developer, then as above, you get more downloads (and sales). This is a win.

Win-win is good. In earlier versions of the sim (fs2002 onwards), you could place someone else’s objects via the GUID reference. So nothing has changed in over 20 years.

The question now is why do you want to have placement of your object exclusively in the sim? Why do you care? Do you want to prevent more downloads of your freeware package, or like less payware money?

In the first place, is the use of the library an abuse of the library?
We are not copying or altering the data.