Unconnected and Separate Switches Only Animate Together

Would anyone happen to know what, in the Systems.cfg (or elsewhere), could be binding the master-battery and alternator switch animations together? They are separate switches, with separate animation and aircraft xml code, and in other models using the exact same setup have worked perfectly. But now the alternator switch only moves if the master switch is clicked (moving them both). Alternator tooltip is there, it illuminates, but no animation if clicked directly.

Have tried switching out the Systems electrical entries with those of the models where the exact switch codes worked before, and did the same with the entries in the model xml, but still getting the same result. Have re-built the switches from scratch, and are not instanced. Don’t know where else to look.

Debug behaviours shows both gauges present, but can only ‘force’ the master-battery switch to move. No error messages.

All other switches working normally.