Understand [FLIGHT_TUNING]

Yesterday was the first time I managed to do something that made the aircraft behave a little the way I wanted, by changing values in [FLIGHT_TUNING].

I’ve posted before about how I want the plane to behave in turn. By setting an extreme value, if it is now extreme that is.

roll_stability = 3 or 5 or whatever it was I set it to.
yaw_stability = 5 or something similar.

These values are probably far from what it should be.
Unfortunately, this was done because the fly model was extremely “tough, slow to roll”

This made me increase aileron_effectiveness to 1.5 which gave a better result.

Anyway, I’m thinking that since I have to use such drastic values to achieve anything resembling correct flight characteristics, I’m doing something wrong. What I haven’t managed to figure out yet. But slowly but surely I am learning more and more.


Now to the question.

How to actually use [FLIGHT_TUNING]?

Should one first select all the values that one has from documents in terms of geometry. Then when the aircraft doesn’t fly as it should, should you change tables and last but not least [FLIGHT_TUNING]?