Unhandled Promise Rejection Errors

Using the avionics framework for a custom autopilot system and coherent GT is
loggin thousands of errors not using coherant.call anywhere in my code >
Unhandled Promise Rejection: [object Object] (anonymous function) Rejected
Promise going into the error it simply shows me the _onError function inside
coherent.js HOW can i find out what call is creating this promise or get any
clues what / why ?

Hello @steamedphoenix Are you using the Coherent Debugger provided with the
SDK to track these errors? Coherent GT Debugger

If so, you can see the callstack when breaking in the code. Regards, Sylvain

yeah i dont see the call stack because its asynchronous , managed to track it
down however information below incase anyone else hits the same trap … was
trying to use setsimvar() with a number when i had set the unit type to
boolean the sim itself gracefully handles setting vars via xml using a number
if you have told it to use boolean type , but the Javascript interface as
below will give an Unhandled promise rejection error SimVar .S etSimVarValue (
‘WHATEVER’ , SimVarValueType .Bool, aNumericValue ); looking at the code for
that function and the promise error handling code i feel there is much room
for improvement, perhaps have a DEBUG ENABLED simvar that is settable to give
more verbose output on type error assignments like this if not at least
attempting to convert the value which should be pretty simple.