Unit of measurement for prop_reverse_max_vel

The SDK documentation states that this is the propeller velocity when
reversing and a default value of 2. It doesn’t specify whether that is tip
mach, tip speed in m/s, radial velocity (r/s) or a scalar on RPM. Can this be
clarified or maybe show us the formula where this is used?

In addition, setting this value, I am not seeing any difference? I tried 0, 1,
12… etc… R.

Hello @SWS-AlexVletsas and @Simbol Well, thank you for bringing our attention
on this because the doc description is wrong. This is the maximal backward
speed of the aircraft in feet per second, relative to wind, when prop are in
reverse mode. The thrust will progressively be lowered as you get closer to
that speed. It comes from FSX, even tough I can’t find any reference to it in
older docs; and is supposed to enforce a limit on the aircraft backward speed.
Our apologies for misleading you. @Nocturne will fix this in the doc. Regards,

Hi Sylvain, If this is a wind relative speed value, why having it in ft/s
instead of knots then? While reviewing and changing the doc, would you maybe
consider changing the units to metric as well?

Hello We can’t change the units for an existing parameter without impacting
existing products so I doubt we’ll go this way.