Update capability for XML programs in model behavior files?

While testing out the limitations of the ‘XML Program’ functionality within
the model behavior files, I’ve discovered that it’s possible to read the value
stored in a L:var within a element, testing the value of that L:var and
setting other template parameters accordingly. The drawback, I quickly
discovered, is that within a model behavior file the XML program does not
appear to be part of an update cycle - it is read once, and values within
elements are set once. Some elements of course take RPN code as the value,
which is then executed when that value is called. This non-updating XML
program within a model behavior xml file is different from that within the
panel.xml file; the latter runs on an update cycle, allowing blocks to be
continuously updated and evaluated. What I was attempting to do is set
different values in response to user behavior and aircraft configuration.
That particular element doesn’t seem to be capable of evaluating RPN code.
Other then requesting that the ANIM_LAG element be able to accept RPN code, is
there any other method here for doing what I’m looking for? Am I missing

Hello @MV-JimStewart You probably want to check the ASOBO_GT_Update
template for this. This will allow you to execute a RPN code at a frequency
you choose. Regards, Sylvain

Hi Sylvain, thanks for the reply. I already use GT_Update as needed. In this
case, I was referring to the ability to execute the condition blocks within
XML on an update loop so as to be able to switch between different XML
behaviors. Also, in the example above, the ability for RPN code to be
evaluated within the tags would of provided the extra functionally I was
looking for in this specific case. In this case, I was looking for a method to
change the value passed to , so as to change rate of animation of something in
a simple way.

Hi Jim. Ok then that’s not possible. The template cannot be evaluated
dynamically. To have a dynamic ANIM_LAG, we would rather need to introduce a
new parameter that takes RPN instead of a value. Regards, Sylvain