User created groups in scenery editor not working correctly in

Hello, There is an issue with user created groups in the latest version of the
sim. Their names do not appear by default (as seen in first screenshot), and
only appear when you search up the groups in the filter (as seen in their
second screenshot). Even then they do not display their contents properly, as
in despite being collapsed, they still display their contents, and sometimes
refuse to uncollapse in general. There is also an issue where with each group,
items listed in the scenery editor move to the left, causing the to go off
screen. This is visible happening in the second screenshot and is much more
prominent in the third screenshot. Resizing the window to be larger doesn’t
fix the issue and just displays more space on the right as shown with the
third screenshot. Horizontal scroll can only scroll towards the right, and
eventually down the list they become hidden completely as it moves to the left
where it is impossible to view since you cannot scroll there. As seen in the
3rd screenshot, something is selected but obstructed. It is almost as if the
direction in which the groups are displayed is reversed, with each subgroup
moving a position to the left instead of to the right as it should. In the
second screenshot it shows how the groups are displayed with a filter in the
scenery editor and still displaying some or all of their contents despite
being collapsed, unfortunately I don’t have a screenshot to show what this
would’ve looked like prior to the update. I have been able to recreate this
starting with a new scenery in version To recreate the issue:

  1. Open a scenery project or start a new project
  2. Place down an airport object and fill in all the mandatory fields.
  3. Place down an apron, taxiway point, painted line etc.
  4. Select the placed item and create a new group, name it anything and set the target group to be the airport object group.
  5. The new group will show up as seen in the fourth screenshot, without a name and displaying the item within it next to it, not under.
  6. As you create more groups like this they move to the left as seen in the fifth screenshot, eventually they move off screen as seen in the last screenshot, this becomes a huge issue if your scenery has say 60 groups.

Please ignore the incorrectly configured airport object, it does not have an
effect on this issue. It is also currently not possible to add more items to
these groups once they are created. Are you guys having any problems with
this on your side?
Kind regards, Nick

We do have editor problems with sim update V since the early access. See here: and here: Actually I have similar
problem like you. I cannot uncollapse the Airport group. It collapses right
away back, moreover if I try to open the airport group several times I have
CTD. As you can see in the first link, they think it is some kind of file
format problem. We will experiment with this in the coming days.

I can confirm, also I’ve FlightSimulator.exe CTDs caused by .NET Runtime while
trying to expand airport group in scenery editor the only way I’ve managed to
expand the Airport group is to manually remove the group entries in the source
XML file

Hello. We have been able to reproduce part of this issue (not CTDs yet) and
have our scenery editor dev investigating the issue. Regards, Sylvain

Hi Sylvain, don’t mind about CTDs, it seems the core problem with SU5, not
just scenery editor related best

I couldn’t expand the Airport group in my project. Edited out all groupindex
references from the xml and it now seems to work fine. These were groups
created by sorting by type and saving the hierarchy. In visual code use find
and replace with this regex string: groupindex=“[\d]+” and replace with
nothing. edit: I then tried sorting by type and creating a new hierarchy again
and it again refuses to expand the airport group.

I can also confirm the same issue, although I’m not getting CTD. I have to
expand the airport group several times before it displays the contents, first
few times it just contracts again immediately. When it eventually expands, all
my groups are shown expanded and cannot be contracted, and each group moves a
bit further over to the left than the one above it.

I noticed that you are using an Apron Rectangle. I wonder if that’s causing an
issue? They’ve been quite buggy for a while. (i.e. the side handles don’t
work, and the corner handles resize way too fast for instance). Perhaps
there’s a general corruption of Apron Rectangles causing issues? Probably a
dumb idea, but, throwing it out there. (Toss /----\ splat!)

We are having the same issue, and hence haven’t been able to get into the
scenery editor for some time now! We have the exact same issue reported by
FlyingsCool. @FlyingRaccoon is there any
progress with this fix? Sorry to @ you, but it is starting to take a toll on
the end users, as we can’t provide any info, updates or solutions. Any update
would be much appreciated. If you need info from us as well, I can happily
provide anything needed to help.

@maxx Hello This will be fixed with World Update 6 coming at the end of the
month. Unfortunately, there are no workarounds apart from manually removing
the groups from the xml file. Regards, Sylvain