User waypoints

In an HTML gauge, from javascript, you can add a waypoint to the flight plan
only by its icao ident. There is no way to add a waypoint from coordinates
(user waypoint). The functionality exists in the sim because you can set a
user waypoint from the game map. Is this something we could get soon or is
there any hidden way to do that?

You can easily create your own user waypoints within our own XML file in a mod
without any restrictions. You only have to use a unique name (icao code) for
it. It’s part of the airport definition. So take a close airport and define
your user waypoints inside. You don’t have to make any changes to the airport
and don’t delete any data. Only use the required data and repeat them in your
airport.xml file. You can collect stock airport data by using ADE for MSFS2020
that you can find on the page.

It sounds like you’re describing permanent addition to sim navdata, defined at
package creation? I think what’s being requested here is the ability for the
pilot to create custom waypoints on-the-fly, usually on the aircraft’s FMS.

@hydrastik9488 Your opinion on this ?

Hi pms50, This feature is already in the pipes and will be available in the
near future. Regards, Sylvain

Nice to know. Thanks

Yes,I accept the answer and will wait for the new function in future release.
Thanks for this answer. Pierre PMS50