Using a worldscript waypoint Scenarii for walking is causing weaving

Good morning, I’m using a waypoint script to define the walking path of this
animation with some success but after correctly walking between the 1st dozen
or so waypoints it starts to weave left and right of the path while still
walking towards the next waypoint. It is my 1st human script so any help would
be appreciated I may have incorrectly set something in the .xml and .cfg This
^^^^ is the walk in-place animation attached to the script This ^^^ is the
path taken by the character between two waypoints. One off screen to the left
of the video frame and one off to the right. I’ve included the worldscript and
the sim.cfg in a zip file if they are helpful Kev pbk-kev-avatar-walkip-

An addendum to the above. This is a video with simObject debug active showing
waypoints and speeds etc. At one point the character does a 360 degree turn
which isn’t scripted Kev