Vertical Speed reference value... fixed to 3000 ft/min?

I am trying to add the possibility for the pilot to control autopilot vertical
speed on my F-35 - mostly because, even if I change the default value, the
vertical speed reference value VSpeedREF seems limited to 3000 ft/min. If the
pilot inputs a different value and the value is below 3000 feet/min everything
is fine. If the pilot inputs a value greater than 3000 feet/min the VSpeedREF
gets the value and goes briefly to the specified value and then quickly jumps
back at around 3000 feet/min. Is 3000 an hardcoded limit? Or can it be set

Hello @Indiafoxtecho What’s your
max_vertical_speed_ref parameter set to in the AUTOPILOT section of
the systems.cfg? I tested the Cessna citation and I am able to reach 9900
fpm as defined in its cfg file. Regards, Sylvain

Values seem OK. I should have mentioned that the behavior above is in ALT HOLD
mode (not in V/S hold mode) - in which I still expect the pilot to be able to
set the desired max VS… max_vertical_speed_ref=9900
min_vertical_speed_ref=-9900 …not sure what is wrong in this case.

Ok. I’ve checked several Asobo aircraft but I can’t find one that lets you
adjust the VS while the ALT HOLD mode is engaged (the VSpeedREF will stay at
0). I’ve also checked the Marketplace version of your aircraft but can’t see
any VS setting while in ALT HOLD mode. Some particular repro steps needed? A
feature you’re working on? If so, unless you have identified an Asobo aircraft
that produces the same behavior, could you provide me with the package of your
aircraft? Regards, Sylvain

You don’t need a plane that had wheels or knobs to handle vertical speed, just
binding the vs+ and vs- events on a keyboard along with alt hold is enough.
What IFT states is true, if I activate alt hold and set a target altitude, it
will climb or descent at a default Vertical Speed defined in systems.cfg by
default (let’s say default_vertical_speed = 3000). With the vs+ /vs- events
you can momentarily change the vertical speed but after a short time it
returns to the default VS if you increase it over 3000ft/min. It would be
necessary to activate VS hold for this to be maintained. Personally and taking
advantage, some IRL planes like the f15E can dynamically change the FPM
depending on the altitude they are in without VS hold. But in systems.cfg you
can only define one.

The VS setting is a new feature of the next iteration. It is not available in
the current version yet. Still, the version in the marketplace (1.0.8) has the
following values: default_vertical_speed =5000 max_vertical_speed_ref=9900
min_vertical_speed_ref=-9900 You will see that the aicraft actually uses a
3000 ft/min value in ALT HOLD mode regardless of the settings above.

Will provide a test version of the new package as soon as it is available.

FYI - I have submitted yesterday a new PC version (1.0.9) which includes the
VS HOLD function. V/S HOLD works as it should: vertical speed values are held,
until the altitude is reached and then it switches to ALT HOLD. ALT HOLD mode
seems to have a 3000 ft/min hardcoded limit.