Vertical Takeoff Hybrid Aircraft Flight Model; Lift force plus Thrust/forward flight

Hello Team Asobo, This is a request for a dual ‘flight’ model and vertical
take-off model, two in one. This would enable an aircraft to take off
horizontally via aquiring speed and having wings in the flight dynamics for
lift. The thrust would be horizontal as well. It would ‘also’ have a VTOL
section or secondary thrust source (engine) where you would be able to take
off vertically. With this one flight model ‘template’ you could create
helicopters, VTOL jets and planes that could take off vertically ‘and’ fly
forward using wing surfaces for primary lift, not vertical thrust. One could
also use such a system for SpaceX models where you could ‘land’ a rocket. This
would also be ideal for jets such as the F35. A component section for this
could be ‘stability settings’ and scalers that would enable one to tune the
vehicle to fly like a helicopter, or modern jet fighter with hover
capabilities, or new VTOL such as Volocopter which would have a unique auto-
hover system. This would enable one to enclude tail rotors, if used, etc. I
think this would be well used and would be great for both helicopter
developers as well as VTOL aircraft developers. Kind regards, Bill Ortis
Lionheart Creations