VFX on Custom AI Aircraft

So, we have a custom VFX that we want to use with our Custom Ai Aircraft. In
the Aircraft main folder, I have the VisualEffectLibs folder and a
MaterialLibs Folder containing the respective files etc. Can anyone point to
what the entry for the path to the VisualEffectLibs.xml file in the Aircraft
Main Folder, would look like written in the Behaviours / Modeldef XML file. I
have tried every combination that I can think of. But still without success. I
know the effect works because I have seen it working when it has replaced a
default Effect.spb File. Any help on this, would be much appreciated.

The modeldef xml file only needs to know the GUID of the effect. If the
visualeffect library is discovered correctly by the sim it will know the
correct effect for that GUID. Here is an effect on my AI groundvehicle using a
custom vfx from another package in my community folder.

WombiiActual, many thanks for your reply. The Model Behaviour entry ( xml )
you have demonstrated is similar to what I have. Do you have a package
available for download, that I can then see what folder structure you have
used, because for some reason I think the custom effect file isn’t being
found. Many Thanks.

This issue has now been resolved. We are now able to create Custom Afterburner