Visible Gridlines

Hi Team, We’ve dealt with this for a while now but I am beginning to wonder
how many others face similar issues. We’ve noticed that on aprons since the
last world update we’ve been able to see what looks to be gridlines between
the ground tiles? Have seen this in areas with a custom CGL and without. Issue
appears to go away as you move closer or further away, although that is not
always the case. I have attempted to point them out, hopefully you can see
them, look forward to hearing from you!

Hello, Thanks for reporting this! I had to come a loooot closer to my screen
but yeah, they are visible on your screenshots. :slight_smile: @Darwikey can you please
have a look at that?

Hi, It’s probably linked to this one: It’s still under investigation

Looks like it, would be interesting to know a fix. We’ve found that if an
environment excluder touches the ground near the grid it creates a giant black
hole in the ground. For example, a terminal