Visual Effect clone issues

I would like to report two possible issues with Clone feature of effects
editor For testing purpose, I have created new effect with default template.
Only additional step - I’ve set another material (VFX_SnowLandingDust but can
be any) [top picture] Then clicked RMB on this effect and selected Clone, set
new name [result on bottom picture] 1. Layout of cloned effect was not
copied. When I open edition XML I see that nodes exists but does not have any
parameters (appear since SU6) 2. Material set to random GUID and appear as
black rectangle in the sim (appear since SU5 or even earlier) Bonus bug: if
both node field is empty and contact point set to NONE, game crash when I
press SPAWN

Hello thealx ! The layout problem will be fixed with the next release. The
material GUID issue I will investigate. The crash when trying to spawn with
neither a node nor a contact point set will be fixed in the next release.
Thanks for your your feedback :slight_smile: Regards, Matthieu