[VISUAL ISSUE SU9] Unable to edit airport after build. Worked Prior to SU9

Hi All, We’ve faced a strange issue today when opening a project we hadn’t
edited since before SU9 once performing a fresh build today we have very
strange behavior from the simulator. Any suggestions on what may cause this.
Video Example <https://impulsedesigns-
Thanks for your help

Hello @ImpulseSimulations A few question to help diagnose the issue: - Is it
happening 100% of the time? - Do you have the same behaviour on other
machines using the same package? - Can you use check the content of the
different PBR channels when this happens (in the DevMode options menu) and
send us the recording. If this problem occurs every time on all machines, you
can send us the package and we’ll try to reproduce the issue. Regards, Sylvain

Hi Sylvain, Happens 100% of the time. It also has the same behavior on several
other machines. All the channels appear to have the same effect on screen.
Package provided in private reply.

Hello @ImpulseSimulations I was able to reproduce the problem on both SU8 and
SU9. This is caused by a macro light in your YBDG_HEMSHANGAR.gltf file having
an intensity of 100000. We will do a fix on engine side so that intensity
values are capped and no longer produce this behaviour. In the meantime,
reduce the intensity below ~60000 and the problem will disappear. Regards,

Hi Sylvain, I feel a little silly now much have done that by accident. Was
just strange how was ok until SU9 but now I know for next time. Thanks again!