VR Cockpit Knob Rotation

In VR knobs can be rotated by rotating the touch controller to the left or
right (see default Airbus A310 and A320 for example). However, when defining
model behaviors using templates in XML rotation is not recognized as only a
horizontal movement changes the knobs value. How is rotation of knobs
achieved in VR?
Is there an undocumented setting to make this work?

@Boris1 @Arzop
@EPellissier any idea on this?

Hello @Fly1ngDev , Can you show us the template
and its parameters that you are using in the xml please? Regards, Boris

Hello @Fly1ngDev , In VR, we mainly use the
tooltip to know what’s the action type on the button. You will have to update
your template to add the tooltip part (icon / Interaction) Regards, Boris

Thanks for your answer! Could you please give me a short example of what
tooltip settings would trigger the hand rotation in VR?

I think that adding ROTATE in your template should do the trick. Let me
know. Regards, Boris

Added ROTATE to the Preset Tooltip part to no avail. After trying that I
also added in X_AXIS and tried all other possible interaction types, also
combined X_AXIS+Y _AXIS. But it kept reacting to the X axis only and
no rotation movement in VR. However, the tooltip itself does change its
description and icons just fine.