VR yoke collision issue

I’m having issues with the sim not recognizing my collision mesh for a cyclic
handgrip on a helicopter in order to allow interaction with VR hand
controllers. I have it configured exactly the same as on other aircraft that
I’ve done where the process works fine, but for some reason it’s not working
at all on this project. The only difference is really that it’s a helicopter
instead of a fixed wing aircraft. While I wouldn’t think that would make a
difference, I did open up the Cabri G2 sample and I’ve noted that there isn’t
a collision mesh corresponding with the handgrip on the sample, nor does the
aircraft.cfg for the Cabri list a yoke_collision_mesh item in the [VR]
section. Is there indeed a different step needed for a helicopter, or is
something else going on, perhaps a bounding box issue of some sort?

Hello @MV-JimStewart As indicated in the documentation, the yoke_node
bounding box will be used if no dedicated collision mesh is provided. That’s
the configuration of the Cabri.
What result do you obtain? No interaction at all or interaction based on the
yoke bounding box instead of your custom collision mesh? Regards, Sylvain

No interaction at all. I’ve tried both - using a dedicated collision mesh as
well as using the method outlined where the yoke_node is specified. Thinking
that it may have been a bounding box issue, I then detached the cyclic hand
grip and used that as a yoke node, still didn’t work.

Hello @MV-JimStewart , I tested a collision mesh on the Cabri G2 and it worked
just fine (like when there’s no collision mesh). We’ll need your package to
run some more tests. [See 3) Provide Private
a-bug-or-crash.html) Regards, Boris

Hi @MV-JimStewart , Could you please try adding a node called
“HANDLING_Yoke_1_Hand” (don’t forget to parent it to the joystick) and test
again? If the issue persists, you will need to use the yoke template with a
“HANDLING_Yoke_1_Hand” node, as I did here:

It seems that
“HANDLING_Yoke_1_Hand” is required in VR to trigger the collision when using a
VR controller. Let me know if it’s better, Regards, Boris

I’ll try and let you know. Thanks for the suggestion.